Have you ever known someone that actually needs hours alone to themselves every day? They enjoy quiet conversation, can be quite open and talkative at work, but in a social situation seem withdrawn and somewhat awkward in groups? They don’t enjoy social interactions such as parties and if dragged to one need a day in which to recuperate since social interactions such as parties leave them mentally drained. If you do know of such a person, you know an introvert, and probably a loner as well. Many introverts are too, loners, and against all popular beliefs, loners are simply people who prefer to be alone. They are not lonely or sad, and mostly not deranged.

The stereotype of a loner, thanks to TV shows and the news media, is someone who is a murder, a school shooter or someone out to do harm to society. Now though it is true that there are criminals out there who resemble loners, mainly because they spend their time alone, these types of loners are classified as “pseudo-loners”. They typically never really wanted to spend all of their time by themselves, but were instead rejected by others in society.

I am an introvert and a loner. I am not ashamed of it, nor will I apologize for having these traits.

A true loner does not withdraw in order to plot revenge against anyone or society as a whole, nor do they bear self-pity or stew in misery. Loners have a talent for entertaining themselves. They possess imagination, concentration and a special type of inner self discipline.

It is also true that not all loners or introverts live alone. Many people however feel that these people are suffering from depression and loneliness and are tempted to intervene and “rescue” these people even though they are perfectly content and happy being exactly who they are; we like being alone.

If you are single and alone, people think you have no one. Not true. We have other people we interact with such as friends, relative, neighbors and work colleagues. We are not alone at all in the sense that we cannot find anyone to share time with.